The 16-year-old charged with two counts of attempted murder for opening fire on skaters at Bryant Park on Saturday night appeared in public yesterday. As Corey Dunton was being led from the Midtown South Precinct and yelled at the reporters and camera people, "F-k all you ni---as — GGL!"

The Post helpfully notes, "He was apparently using a slang abbreviation for “giggle, giggle, LOL." A Daily News reporter asked if he did shoot at a 20-year-old man for his Marmot "Biggie" coat, Dunton replied, "It wasn’t over a jacket. It was over your mother, n---a!"

Dunton allegedly tried to mug Javier Contreras, 20, and take his pricey Marmot coat at the ice skating rink on Saturday night. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters, "He says something to the effect of ‘I want your jacket.’The victim says no, but obviously more heated words may have been used.” Dunton left the rink but returned to the rinkside and cleared other skaters out of his way before shooting at Contreras at least eight times. Contreras was struck as was 14-year-old Adonis Mera.

Dunton's father Corey Dunton Sr. told reporters, "He’s only a kid. Did you see him with weapon?” No weapon was recovered; notably he had posted on Facebook, "Bryant Park Looking To Litt Saterday Gotta Bring Da. amp" ("amp" is slang for gun; Dunton also posted about the cops being at his door on Sunday).

Witnesses reportedly identified Dunton as the shooter.