There is obviously no shortage of idiotic traffic tickets issued in this town, but if NYC had, say, an awards show for infuriating traffic citations (The Ritas?), this one would be high in the running. According to the person who uploaded the video, the ticket was issued in the wake of a traffic accident at the intersection of Nostrand Ave and Avenue V in Brooklyn. After a motorist "hit two parked cars forcing one of them to end up in the cross walk," a traffic agent arrived on the scene to cite the owner of the stricken vehicle for... parking in a crosswalk. Here, have a facepalm:

Words fail. But anyone who's dealt with owning a car in New York City will surely savor a rueful chuckle at this remark from the ticketed motorist: "If you saw an accident like this, wouldn't you think something had to happen to this car, for it to be up on the sidewalk and almost smashed into a pole. COME ON! A little common sense!" The car owner also said he tried to explain that an accident pushed him out into the street, and the ticket agent gave the classic response, "I already started making out the ticket."