Yankees and Red Sox fans have a long and storied history of doing terrible things to one another any chance they get. And they're still at it: Deadspin pointed us to the videos below, which show a female wearing a Red Sox hat brawling with Yankees fans in Section 328...during a Yankees/Tigers game. Skip to 1:15 in the first video to see the blows (and we strongly recommend putting down your volume).

Tipster Dave told Deadspin that the Red Sox fan was taking abuse most of the day and eventually had enough— unfortunately, that led to her falling three rows, and possibly sustaining a concussion. Mets fans might be smugly nodding their heads right about now, but guess again: last year a woman got elbowed in the face during a brawl at Citi Field. If only we believed that the Red Sox and Yankees could turn this fight into a parenting lesson, and not just another notch on a hundred year rivalry.