During a very wet weekend around the tri-state region, a record rainfall of 1.84" was set at JFK on Sunday, besting the previous record of 1.45" set in 1989. So it's no surprise that things got equally wet inside the airport—especially at Terminal 8, where baggage claim sprung a very big leak.

Eugene Galdi spotted the mini-geyser on Sunday inside JFK, capturing it in the video above. Port Authority officials told ABC that the geyser was caused due to a backflow of rain water, which broke through the floor drain when the reverse flow valve malfunctioned. They said that the particular baggage claim wasn't in use at the time, and an independent contractor cleaned up the water a few hours later.

Consider this just another reason to avoid JFK, which remains the second most expensive airport in the country, but number one at infuriating frequent flyers.