A dolphin stranded on a beach on Long Island was successfully rescued on Thursday. According to The Riverhead Foundation, a boater spotted the Risso dolphin on a sandbar near Fire Island around noon that day. The 600-pound, 9-foot-long female dolphin appeared to be "severely underweight and compromised," and was unable to move out of the sandbar on Oak Beach. You can see a video of the subsequent rescue—which included loading the dolphin on a stretcher for transport—below.

Thankfully, the dolphin survived the transport: "She is currently swimming on her own within the hospital tank at the Long Island Aquarium," Riverhead said. Rescue Program director Kimberly Durham told the Journal that the dolphin is about 100 pounds underweight, and it could have a two month recovery ahead before they can let it back into the wild. “We still have a very long road ahead of us - a very expensive road, it turns out,” she said, noting that this kind of dolphin typically eats 80 pounds ($200 worth) of squid per day.

There have been quite a few dolphin sightings around the city this year already: multiple dolphins were spotted in the East River on the Upper East Side; and a dolphin tragically died after getting stuck in the Gowanus Canal in January.