Kids today grow up so fast. They're having their first Kahlua mudslide at 15 months, and the next thing you know they're getting on the schoolbus in a bikini. But 10-year-old CJ Senter, "WorkoutKid" and "Child Motivator," possesses discipline that eludes most adults: he's scarily ripped. As in, the urge to clean your laundry on his abs is pretty much irrisitable. Or as this ABC News anchor puts it (in a totally not-creepy way): "His name is CJ Senter, and his body is amazing."

Senter's parents say that he achieves this look solely through "exercising, and really just normal play for a child he developed the physique." While we loved those fun childhood games of "Sit-Ups" and "Calesthentics" too, we don't recall ever making a fitness tape at age 10. Unless that tape was called "Running Around In Circles Until Someone Knocks Our Glasses Off & Breaks Them, Volume IV."

While it's heartening to see a kid who cares about the importance of fitness and healthy eating in our era of shocking decadence, should kids who are still in elementary school really care about how jacked they are? Is this creepy or inspiring or both?