2005_06_vicflat.jpgcity rag has photographs of "Victorian Flatbush," the part of Brooklyn that looks rather un-city like. Upon further research, brownstoner calls it a South Midwood area - and links to a helpful realty site that explains more - and VictorianFlatbush.org a "polyglot and polychrome" "softly shaded patch of Flatbush in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn with a multitude of races. Now, Gothamist heard the term "Victorian Flatbush" last week for the first time, and we wondered if "Prohibition West Village" or "Speakeasy Harlem" or "Mafia Den Mott Street" would be the next hot new terms. Or "Drug-Addled Alphabet City" or "Gay Chelsea"? But Victorian Flatbush is quite pretty - it's like Cape May meets Queens!

The NY Sun has an article calling Vic-Flat Brooklyn's best kept secret. And for more city real estate dissection, check out Curbed.

Photograph via city rag