2008_12_bostic2.jpgYesterday, jurors found Dexter Bostic guilty of murder in the fatal shooting of police officer Russel Timoshenko. This was the second verdict in Timoshenko's killing; earlier this week, Bostic's friend Robert Ellis was found not guilty of murder (but guilty of weapons possession) while a third defendant, Lee Woods, is still awaiting his verdict. Bostic's lawyer, who said they would appeal, suggested outrage over Ellis's acquittal compelled jurors to find him guilty, but the Daily News noted how prosecutors had more evidence in this case: "His DNA on a picked-clean Popeyes chicken bone was a perfect match to DNA on the gun used to kill Timoshenko." Additionally, a witness said that Bostic didn't want to go back to jail just for gun possession (implying that's why he fired upon Timoshenko). When the slain cop's mother was asked if the verdict provided her with some sense of justice, Tatyana Timoshenko said, "For this case it does, but the previous one was disappointing."