2006_04_wtcattacks.jpgThe jurors listened to testimony from September 11 attack victims' families yesterday during the death penalty sentencing trial of Zacarais Moussaoui, a confessed conspirator in the plots. The families-turned-witnesses cried, and jurors themselves cried with them. US District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema did note that Moussaoui's lawyers feel the prosecution's presentation was overly dramatic, leading her to limit prosecution witnesses to five photographs each.

A wrenching tape of Melissa Doi, who worked in the south tower, was one of two 911 calls played; it was also played on the news last night, and here's a portion via the Times:

Ms. Doi told the operator that she was with five others and repeatedly said, "It's so hot; it's very, very hot."

At one point, she told the operator, "All I see is smoke; I'm going to die." The operator replied: "No, no, no. Say your prayers."

The prosecution will probably finish by Wednesday.

Judge Brinkema also sealed Flight 93's cockpit audio tapes, but transcripts will be made public. And here is a timeline of the Moussaoui case.