The saga of Kiefer Sutherland's post-Costume Institute Party of the Year partying continues! On Thursday, the 24 star was issued a desk appearance ticket for allegedly headbutting fashion designer Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler on Monday. Sutherland, according to various reports, may have been upset that McCollough knocked into Brooke Shields at the bar Submercer (Shields was also wearing 6" heels). After initially saying that McCollough was the victim of a "vicious assault," his spokesman now adds that the designer "suffered a broken nose in three places as a result of the assault. He received medical treatment last night after consulting with physicians." It's unclear whether he will sue Sutherland, who will be court on June 21, but a source says McCollough is "also pissed off and annoyed that this all happened. He has a collection to do, and has no time to deal with this." Dude, you know who else has no time to deal with this? Jack Bauer.