Vice's new Williamsburg offices were robbed of $16K worth of laptops this week, proving again that one should never build a home on top of an Indian burial ground.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the magazine's headquarters at South 2nd Street and Kent Avenue—once home to venerable institutions like 285 Kent, Death By Audio, and Glasslands—were burglarized on the evening of July 14th. 11 MacBooks have been reported missing, totaling about $16,000. Police believe the suspect climbed through a second-story window left open overnight.

Last year, Vice's offices on North 10th Street—once home to buy/sell/trade kingdom Beacon's Closet—were terrorized by a man in a polo shirt who attempted to turn a doorknob. Luckily, all the laptops remained safe.

No description of the culprit behind this month's incident has been provided, but some are pointing fingers at the ghosts of a Brooklyn synth-pop band that died way back in 2011.