Gothamist really hopes that the Post doesn't have a scoop in rumors that Kerry is choosing Dick Gephardt as his running mate. Gephardt is a snoozefest - even people in Missouri don't want him to run (based on the science of speaking to one Missouran). The Daily News "handicaps the veepstakes," and calls Gephardt, "Boring; plodding speaker; seen as a Beltway retread." Let's hope that when Kerry announces a running mate, the choice will continue to make this fall's election interesting.

CNN says VP speculation is fast and furious; check out the latest speculation and punditry once Kerry choose at Times on the Trail, Atrios and Talking Points Memo. And Gothamist likes this Children of the Corn photo Wonkette has of Kerry and some kids.

Updated: Ha ha (and phew) - Kerry picks John Edwards to be his running mate. Everyone is excited about Edwards (his Senate bio) because he's been talking about a lot of issues that other Democratic presidential candidates hadn't been talking about. As for the Post's "scoop," we can only think that someone in the Kerry campaign fed them a bad leak in order to serve them.