Despite his protestations otherwise, Donald Trump has long had a mixed relationship with veterans, having used other people's money on donations to various charities but not his own, despite his many promises. His attacks on the likes of prisoner-of-war John McCain and especially Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Gold Star parents, have been disgusting, to say nothing of his own cowardly military record, or lack thereof. And yet, Trump thoroughly bested Hillary Clinton with veterans, who voted for him by a two-to-one margin.

Now that Trump is in office, he has begun breaking his promises to them again, imposing a hiring freeze for the federal government which will prevent many veterans from getting jobs, will cause longer waits for VA medical care, and increase the backlog on VA disability claims. And a veterans advocacy group has called Trump out on his bullshit in a new ad which aired during Trump's beloved morning news shows.

The ad is courtesy of VoteVets, who bill themselves as the largest progressive group for veterans in the country representing over 500,000 veterans, military family members and supporters. They say they use public issue campaigns "to give a voice to veterans on matters of national security, veterans' care, and every day issues that affect the lives of those who served, and their families." Here they go directly after Trump for trying to kill ACA, his immigration and refugee ban, and generally acting like a reality show host instead of a leader. In the 30 second ad, an Afghanistan War veteran who lost his leg in combat narrates his morning routine:

President Trump, I hear you watch the morning shows. Here's what I do every morning.

Look, you lost the popular vote, you're having trouble drawing a crowd, and your approval rating keeps sinking. But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act, and banning Muslims, won't help. That's not the America I sacrificed for.

You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one.

VoteVets Vice Chair and Navy Veteran Peter Kauffmann explained the placement of the ad in a press release: “Since the White House comment line is down, and Donald Trump hasn’t set up that veterans hotline he promised, we’re going to go where we know Donald Trump is listening - Morning Joe, and the other shows that he obsesses over. He’s going to hear the message of this ad again and again. We’re officially putting Mr. Trump on notice."

The ad also got the Batman to Trump's Joker, Rosie O'Donnell, tweeting.