For such innocuous weather there's a lot going on behind the scenes today. A weak cold front passed through the city last night. Dry air is arriving sooner than cool air behind the front. The asynchronous arrival times will cause a rapid warm up today. It won't be nearly as uncomfortable as the last two days but the afternoon high will likely reach 90 degrees.

The heating and leftover moisture are combining to produce a good cloud layer this morning. Some of those clouds may, for a time, look threatening, but their bark is worse than their bite. Subsidence aloft and a reinforcing shot of dry air will do away with them this afternoon. That's not wanted in New Jersey as the state has issued a drought watch for Essex, Morris, Hudson, Bergen and Passaic counties.

Cool and dry air will make for good sleeping weather tonight, Throw open those windows and drift off to slumberland to the mellifluous urban lullaby of drunkards, gun shots and garbage trucks. High pressure is in control over the weekend. Expect sunny skies and a high in the mid 80s tomorrow warming to the upper 80s on Sunday. The next (slim) chance of rain isn't until Monday night.