A cold-hearted thief walked into a Brooklyn bodega and made off with the store's adorable two-month-old cat according to multiple reports.

The Brooklyn Paper spoke to Mir Kasham, the owner of Moon Mini Mart in Kensington, who was in disbelief after a woman scooped up the store's kitten in her jacket and walked off with her. The brazen cat-napping took place on the night of September 3rd, and was captured on one of the store's surveillance cameras:

Kasham told the paper that shortly before the unidentified woman made off with the cat, a man had come into the bodega and offered him $50 for the kitten, named Takela. An hour later, the unidentified woman seen stealing Takela on the surveillance footage stealing the cat came in and grabbed her.

Kasham told the Post that he believes the man and woman knew each other, and were working together. Angel Nieves, a retired cop who investigates pet thefts now, told that paper that "there is a stereotype that storekeepers don’t feed the cats so the cats will kill the mice and rats. [The thief] probably believes the cat isn’t being fed."

"We are not happy. We are very upset," Kasham told CBS, and suggested that the woman adopt a shelter cat instead of stealing someone else's cat/valued co-worker.