A very brave little deer

Had to fight today for dear life

When she fell through an icy pond

Hanging on the edge of a knife

Police say it happened Thursday morning in South Brunswick

She was spotted around 8:30 a.m. on the cracked ice floe

In front of the Dow Jones Corporation office on Route 1

Which is where authorities gathered to save the doe

No one knows exactly how it happened

How the little deer ended up there

Clinging helpless to the surface of the ice

Crying and shivering with wet hair

Plainsboro's ice rescue team assembled to save the day

With ropes and tools and a plan so bold

After they rescued her, Fire Chief George Luck did say

"She was exhausted and pretty cold"

The rescue took about 15 to 30 minutes

And the brave little deer was scared but okay

She was wrapped up in a tarp and blanket

So she could recover to play another day


When she's feeling a bit better, Luck said,

She'll be released back into the wild more sturdy

That's the story of the little doe who got stuck

In an icy pond in New Jersey