A "radical environmentalist" kidnapped his baby from the maternal grandmother in Brooklyn after feeling the grandmother wasn't feeding the baby on a vegan diet. Raphael Spindell and Alexandra Watterson lost custody of 14 month Andre to Watterson's mother Zoya, after Andre was hopspitalized with too little iron in his diet; the couple took the child out of the hospital early and Children's Services intervened. The Post paints Raphael Spindell as a sort of Svenghali - running living in an RV with Alexandra near Zoya Watterson, running a website out of Zoya Watterson's apartment, wanting to build an eco-village in South America. There was a case last year in Queens where two parents were accused of child abuse due to the strict vegan diet they put their baby on ("child looked like a 2- to 3-month-old when first seen by doctors at 16 months"). The Vegan Society says babies and children can be raised on vegan diets but there are some studies that argue some vitamins critical to children may be missing.