The father who had (1) kidnapped his 14 month son from the custody of the boy's maternal grandmother after she refused to feed the baby a vegan diet, thereby (2) putting himself and his wife on the lam amidst (3) rumors he was threatening to kill himself and the child if arrested, has surrendered the baby to the authorities. Raphael Spindell, characterized as a "hard-core vegan father," called the Daily News to say he's not a crazy hippie - "There are a tremendous number of lies being spread about me. I love my son. I would never hurt him." Spindell's main concerns about his son staying with grandmother Zoya Watterson were that there were "cleaning products within the toddler's reach" and the infant formula - which is not vegan. Other facts about little Andrey Spindell's diet: "Though Andrey's unconventional diet included esoteric items such as amaranth and Red Star nutritional yeast, he consumed 1,300 calories a day, weighed 20 pounds and had all his teeth." Watterson had been granted custory of grandson Andre after he was diagnosed as being anemic; Administration for Children's Services thought he was malnourished. Diet aside, Gothamist feels very sorry for Andrey Spindell - clearly many people care about him, but it's just sad that they have to fight and react to extreme measures like this. Think about the child, people! And New York tabloid press, we expect you to keep tabs on the situation.