College kids do some pretty dumb stuff, like trying to use a Brita filter to make bad vodka better, or declaring a major in Creative Writing. But two Vassar students recently took collegiate ennui to a new level—they got married. You need something to look forward to between Macro midterms, after all.

Yesterday's nuptials were first reported by Vassar's student-run newspaper, The Miscellany News. The...happy...bride and groom are Ashley Hoyle and Aiden Lewy, two sophomores, best friends and former dorm-mates who met in a class last year. They are neither dating nor seeking to dump their student loans on an unwitting partner: "We were pitch­ing ideas for study breaks, and we realized that a lot of people on house team were ordained, and so I suggested that Ashley and I get mar­ried," Lewy told the paper.

So, they sent out invitations, engraved rings and ordered food from a local diner. They also made contingency plans for when they would no longer like to be married, so they've got more foresight than most couples:

Although Hoyle and Lewy often talk about the wedding in a casual and humorous manner, they emphasized the fact that they do under­stand the legal implications and that they have taken serious measures to prepare for the event.

These measures involve writing a prenuptial agreement, obtaining a marriage license and securing an ordained priest for the ceremony. They have also laid out a plan for an uncon­tested divorce six months from the occasion in an attempt to avoid the financial implications of the marriage and being dependant [sic] on each other.

Apparently, the student body was split on whether the duo would really go through with it, but they did! Unfortunately, spectators missed Angela Davis's visit, which was happening somewhere else on campus at the time[Update: spectators tell us they were able to hear Davis speak prior to attending the wedding] but love is stronger than world-shaking political activism.

Narwhals Aiden and Ashley unite. Cheers to a happy marriage! 💑

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Lewy told The Misc that his brief union with Hoyle will ensure that "she will forever be involved in the story of my life," which is technically what TimeHop is for, but who are we to quibble—as my mother will point out later, at least they can say they've been married.