Pre-Halloween vandals ransacked Carroll Gardens on Friday in one of the least intelligent fits of teenaged angst that we've heard of in a long time. The neighborhood blog Pardon Me For Asking reports that three teens ran wild on Court Street at around 2 am, "overturning newspaper stands at the corner of President Street, throwing planters they found in front gardens onto the street, and smashing the Marco Polo Valet Parking sign right through the back of this car."

What were these kids thinking? Anybody who knows anything about Brooklyn knows you don't mess with Marco Polo Ristorante! The popular red sauce Italian eatery isn't just famous for its chicken parm (which is superb), but also because its owner, Joseph Chirico, was indicted last year for extortion alongside dozens of other suspected Gambino crime family associates in a massive racketeering case. That's not Chirico's only link with organized crime. The restaurateur's old eatery, Gage and Tollner — which is currently on its way to becoming the world's most beautiful Arby's — was the scene of a bizarre 2001 extortion attempt when mobsters tried to bilk hundreds of thousands of dollars from aikido wizard and alleged actor Steven Seagal.

Anyways, the moral of the story is simple: don't throw valet parking signs through car windows — especially if the signs (or the cars) could in any way be tied to the mob.