Staten Island bus riders are worried for their safety after vandals apparently hit city buses with rocks or BB gun pellets on Thursday and Saturday. The incidents occurred near Hylan Boulevard, and left buses with broken windows and some passengers with minor injuries. New York City Transit spokesman Charles Seaton told the Staten Island Advance, "We’re taking this extremely seriously. Anyone who vandalizes a bus with or without passengers is a jerk."

Commuter Jamie Evangelista said her X1 bus was hit by three rocks as it was getting off the Verazzano-Narrow Bridge last night. The rocks lodged themselves in the windows, but one passenger was apparently cut by the broken glass across his neck. At least two X1 buses were hit, and one passenger said, "I would have liked to see the police out there. I think they should catch the people that are doing that. They could kill someone with rocks and a moving vehicle. They are lucky they didn’t hit the bus driver." That would definitely be a cause for a two month recovery.