Bloomberg is really sorry that your commute is going to get bitchier with all these bus cuts. But you know what are better than buses? Vans. The Mayor announced yesterday plans for a year-long pilot program for a van share program targeted to people with limited access to public transportation in Brooklyn and Queens. The vans would cost between $2 and $4, and would shuttle commuters between designated pick up locations and major transportation hubs.

Three to six different routes will be determined in the coming weeks, and the program could be expanded if it's successful in the next year. TLC Commissioner David Yassky said, "What we are piloting here is a type of service that’s not currently available. It’s kind of a hybrid, if you will, of existing types of service and we’ll see how it works." He also placed a premium on law enforcement, as there is the potential for unlicensed van drivers to steal business.

Many people are already complaining about the program. Those whose commutes depended on the soon-to-be cut bus lines say the extra $2 to get to the subway would be too expensive. But Bloomberg said at a press conference, "The issue here is not whether it’s more expensive or less expensive; it’s whether the service exists or not." Gotta love a billionaire explaining how money's not an issue! Laid off bus drivers are also upset, saying they feel slighted that the void left by their bus lines could be filled so quickly. So, will this end up being the next wave of transportation, or will it go the way of group cab rides?