It's not as badass as John McClane driving a car into a helicopter in Live Free or Die Hard, but we'll take it. This morning a man allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident ended up crashing his van into a boat in Howard Beach. "He was being chased and came down this block going 80 miles per hour,” Phillip Lynch, commodore of the Howard Beach Motor Boat Club, tells the Queens Chronicle. "He ripped through the entire fence and wound up on the boat." And then the boat sank and crashed into a submarine! (Kidding.)

The accident happened just before 8 a.m., and witnesses say the unidentified driver was trying to escape another motorist chasing him after an accident on the Belt Parkway. The driver of a Chevy Tahoe called 911 to say that he was following a man who sideswiped him in a van for the Queensboro Adult Day Care. The chase led the two drivers at high speeds down narrow side streets, finally reaching a thrilling climax at the marina!

Area man Robert Gambardella tells the Chronicle that after the crash the driver swam to the pier "and looked like he was going to try to make another break for it." Gambardella says, "We were like, ‘you’re going nowhere,’ and then 10 cop cars showed up." And after police fished him out of the water, witnesses say he began kissing the cops' hands. In our experience, that drives cops wild.

Frank Argento, the owner of the 1986 Wellcraft that got hit by a van, tells the Post, "What a way to start the morning. My boat is probably gone. This is a little take [sic] in the back." At press time, it was unclear if Argento's boat insurance covers car accidents.