Yow. Reaction to graffiti artist-vandal-user-whathaveyou Kiko's sentence (6 months and a $25,000 fine) for tagging various Queens locations was pretty straightforward - graffiti hating City Councilman Peter Vallone was upset Kiko didn't get more time with street art enthusiasts were sorry about it. ANIMAL New York wrote a post noting that Vallone's used graffiti as a "personal soapbox":

Although we do think KIKO should be punished in some form or another, specifically public service, we don’t think that any graffiti writer should ever have to serve jail time. In the long run this hurts the community more than any tag could. If anybody wants to do any peaceful


demonstrations, we suggest they travel to the belly of the beast. Here is Peter Vallone's home address, 21-46 19th St. as provided by his own district office and press hack, Andrew something or other. So stop by, check out the lovely views of the Triborough Bridge and the massive Con Ed power plant, plus exercise your 1st Amendment writes.

Well, that freaked out Vallone who let the press know. The Daily News reported that Vallone called the police, since his address is printed and probably because he doesn't get the strikethrough'd "renovations" part." The City Councilman said, "This is the latest in a long line of threats against me by these punks. This is a new level, because it's my home and I'm a dad." Well, Vallone's aide did give the home address out.

ANIMAL's Bucky Turco says he told Daily News reporter Grey Wilson, "ANIMAL would never support or endorse any illegality whatsoever," but that quote didn't make it into the article. And now NY1 calls ANIMAL a "graffiti website" which is funny, because while ANIMAL is interested in graffiti, it's not just about graffiti.

Photograph of Fuck Vallone graffiti by Will Sherman at Untitled Name