An NYPD spokesman tells us that a black woman in her 20s sustained a gunshot wound to the head around 3:30 Saturday morning after a wild shooting outside The Production Lounge in Greenpoint. We're told the unidentified victim survived, but the NYPD would provide no further details. However, neighbors who live by the club—a tacky, show biz-themed newcomer to Franklin Street's laid-back hipster bar scene—provided more background on the incident, which they say is all part of a pattern of late night cacophony erupting from the lounge.

A cop on the scene said at least 17 shots were fired, and several residences by The Production Lounge were riddled with bullet holes Saturday morning. Richard Divito, a longtime resident who bought his building across the street in the '80s, showed us how a 9mm bullet passed through his front door, through a second interior door, and ricocheted through his foyer. He also pointed to a hole in a second floor window, where a bullet passed less than two feet from one tenant's head, leaving a hole in the brim of a baseball cap in the closet.

One nearby retailer said cops told him the gunfire erupted after a patron was forcibly ejected from The Production Lounge. Other residents told the same tale of being repeatedly awoken by loud arguments outside the club at all hours, and making fruitless calls to 311. A neighbor theorized, "I think the Long Island hillbilly who owns the place is paying off the cops, because they never do anything about this place." But in the wake of the shootout, there was an NYPD squad car stationed by the club 24/7 throughout the rest of the weekend.

NYPD reps are sure to get an earful Tuesday night at the next Community Council meeting for the 94th Precinct. (New York Shitty has details on the meeting and more reporting on the incident; calls to the Production Lounge were not answered.) One resident told us he's looking into legal action, and plans to pressure the Community Board and the SLA to deny the club's liquor license renewal.