The aptly named Sara Valentine, a 55-year-old divorcée from Brooklyn, was looking for someone to love with, share with, and maybe go on long walks on the beach with. So, hoping for the best, she signed up with the 30-year-old matchmaking company Great Expectations, not to be confused with the Dickens classic or the less-classic Mad TV Lowered Expectations sketches (aside: who woulda thought anything from Mad TV would ever be even close to 'classic'?). But Ms. Valentine was let down by the service and now she wants them to pay up.

With good reason too. As part of the service she signed a contract last September which required her to pay a $3,000 fee for "basic services" as well as "an additional $990 to gain access to a monthly calendar of events and a recurring quarterly fee of $89.95 for access to 'Great Expectations On-Line." She paid all of those fees and got... Nada. Zip. Zero. Not one bite. Fearing that she might be turning into Miss Havisham, Ms. Valentine called her lawyer who dug up some interesting dirt on the dating service. Not only did a Manhattan Civil Court judge rule last year that two women had been dramatically overcharged for the services they received last year, but Great Expectations, which is based in New York, is blatently breaking the New York State "Dating Service Consumer Bill of Rights" (who knew?) which prevents dating services from charging individuals more than $1,000 for their services. Further, if the service charges more than $25 they must provide a minimum number of referrals per month (which in this case they very much did not).

And so Ms. Valentine (who is "really a lovely woman" according to her lawyer) has sued and, assuming she is not alone in being scammed, is hoping to turn this thing into a class action lawsuit. Sounds like she's got a pretty good case, too. Anybody have any experiences with GE they want to share?

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