2007_04_laptop.jpgMiddle College High School in Queens decided not to leave things to chance when a senior wrote a note saying, "So you think Virginia Tech was bad? Just wait for the MCHS Prom! Unlike VTech there won't be any injured, I'll get the job done." The student, 17-year-old Michael DiGiovanni, was found out because the note and fliers made from it were found in the school computer lab on Monday. And the city wants us to be impressed with high school graduation rates?

DiGiovanni admitted to writing the note, and the Queens DA's office charged him with first- and third-degree falsely reporting an incident and second-degree aggravated harassment and made fliers out of it. DA Richard Brown explained, "Whether intended as a joke or not, the writing of such a letter must always be taken seriously by law enforcement personnel. The American landscape is filled with too many sad reminders of student shootings that to do otherwise would be a dereliction of duty and a betrayal to the memory of those who lost their lives in similar situations.”

Classmates at the Long Island City high school told the Post that DiGovanni is a "chubby kid who loves comedy, especially Dave Chappelle." His friend said, "I thought it was him the whole time. He's definitely not serious. I'm relieved that it was a joke and nothing real," and feels that DiGiovanni would never be able to massacre anyone: "He's too soft - he's probably crying right now."

DiGiovanni will appear in court next month. No word on how this will affect his graduating from high school.