A woman was charged with manslaughter for the fatal stabbing of her 18-year-old son in their Upper West Side apartment on Friday night. Calls to 911 had been made about a stabbing and when police arrived, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Yvonne Hines "came to the door with a rag covered in blood and there was a body on the floor."

Apparently there had been other violent incidents between Hines and son Sean Hines. WABC 7 reports, "Close friends call this the devastating end of years of abuse in this home," and CityRoom described one from June: The son attacked the mother with a hammer, while the mother had a knife (both were arrested). When she was being taken into custody, Yvonne Hines claimed her husband (Sean's stepfather) had killed her son.

A neighbor told WABC 7, "I didn't think she would actually murder her son," while others remembered Sean as a sweet kid who stayed out of trouble. Another told the Daily News that Yvonne Hines was "was always slamming the door, always in the hallway yelling," adding, "She was screaming at him to find a job. He wouldn't even talk back. He would just sit there. He was very quiet, very shy."

One of Sean's friends said, "It's just heartbreaking someone could do that to their son, like where's your heart?"