Some residents of the Upper West Side are outraged that a new business called Pet Fashion, mostly selling overpriced leashes and whatnot, is selling dogs from a puppy mill. The store, on Columbus Avenue between West 87th and 88th streets, often puts attention-getting pups on display in the front window, but West Side Spirit reports that "these dogs come from puppy mills, and the store is not welcome in the neighborhood."

While puppy mills are legal, they're frowned upon for their unsafe conditions and disregard for the well-being of the animals. As such, "Pet Fashion’s critics delivered 540 petition signatures to shop owners to pressure the store to stop selling puppies." They're also staging a protest on November 28th.

The store's manager claims that "they’re not puppy mill puppies. They’re from breeders registered with the [United States Department of Agriculture] and the Kennel Club.” However, when asked for proof of this, he declined to show any. Meanwhile, another branch of Pet Fashion on West 182nd Street allegedly offered one woman a discount on a puppy if she paid cash to avoid sales tax — something Council Member Gale Brewer asked the state and city departments of taxation to look in to.

Patrick Kwan at the Humane Society of the US told us, "Pet stores that profit from the cruel puppy mill industry need to step up and do the right thing by stopping their puppy sales. Shelters and rescues are brimming with all types of dogs in need of homes. No responsible breeder would ever sell puppies through a pet store. We hope Pet Fashion will stop supporting puppy mills." More information from the HSUS can be found here, and here is their disturbing video looking at the puppy mill industry.