The nanny accused of murdering two small children in a bathtub in their Upper West Side home has uttered her first public statement since the gruesome slaying occurred last October: "I didn't do it. Someone else did," Yoselyn Ortega insists.

The Daily News reports that Ortega, who is accused of using a butcher knife to murder 2-year-old Leo Krim and his 6-year-old sister, Lucia before attempting to slit her own throat, did not elaborate on who else may have slaughtered the children.

The paper goes on to describe Ortega in her current state: "Her hair in short braids, her gray jail uniform hanging on her frail frame, Ortega had a puzzled look on her face and her right hand appeared to be twisted at an odd angle. The Dominican Republic-born inmate was not shackled and made no attempt to shake hands with her visitor."

The reporter also asked Ortega about bereaved mother Marina Krim's pregnancy , which Ortega indicated she was aware of. "'Yes, I knew about that," she told the tabloid. "She’s expecting in October."