A "minor Christmas miracle": A man waiting for a northbound 1 train at the West 66th Street subway station found a Chanel purse full of $100 bills and turned it over the police—who found the very relieved owner.

Richard Taverna told West Side Rag that he had finished a workout at the West 63rd Street YMCA and was heading uptown when he spotted the purse last Thursday, "I picked it up and had a quick look to see if there was any identification with it. I just saw a piece of paper with some Russian writing on it."

He put it in his gym bag, intending to bring it to the station's agent (on the southbound platform) the next day, but "got tied up and forgot about it until I was getting ready for bed." So he opened the purse and realized that the paper was, West Side Rag reports, "actually an envelope containing [one hundred] 100-dollar bills."

Taverna brought the purse to the 20th Precinct on Friday morning, and it turned out that a woman, who was going to Europe for a vacation, had reported she lost a purse missing at the 66th Street station.

He explained his instinct to turn the money in to the Post, "It’s just too much for someone to just take. I’m glad this is bringing people joy, especially during the holidays."

It is possible to turn found property over to the police and still eventually keep it if it goes unclaimed. According to city guidelines, if someone finds cash or other property and turns it over to the NYPD, they could potentially make a claim on it if, according to the NYPD, "the property has not been returned to the legitimate owner/claimant, or otherwise disposed of, and the property has been held in excess of the time parameters below:"

Property having a value of less than $100 - 3 months;
Property having a value of $100 or more, but less than $500 - 6 months
Property having a value of $500 or more, but less than $5,000 - 1 year
Property having a value of $5,000 or more - 3 years.

After the time expires, the finder can legally become a keeper if they "bring a copy of the Property Clerk Invoice to claim the property."