A live-in maid at an ­Upper West Side brownstone discovered that her bosses were spying on her via tiny hidden cameras around her apartment.

Aksana Kuzmitskaya, a twenty-something Ukrainian immigrant, has filed a lawsuit against her former employers and landlords Eli Kadoch and Michel Kadoe, who own and manage the building at 7 West 82nd Street. Kuzmitskaya accepted a job as a maid at the brownstone in August 2013, and was offered room and board at no cost. After being "repeatedly urged her to live there as part of her compensation," she moved in December.

Then this past summer, she discovered a lens embedded in a bathroom clock; she called police, who then discovered other cameras around the apartment, including in the bathroom. The News reports that at least "70 videos have been uncovered of Kuzmitskaya, many of them edited to zoom in on her intimate body parts. In one of the videos, Kadoch is seen repositioning the cameras in the woman’s bedroom and bathroom, the suit says."

Kuzmitskaya says in her suit that the landlords engaged in "intentional infringement on her privacy rights.” When she found out about the cameras, she immediately moved out of the building. "She’s a victim," Kuzmitskaya’s attorney, Joseph Mure Jr., told the News. "She’s very very upset about this, crying all the time. She’s ashamed and scared that this will mean even more people will be googling her."

A grand jury has indicted Kadoch on 10 felony counts of unlawful surveillance.