While an out-of-business storefront with illegal ads plastered all over it may be an eyesore when jutting out into the sidewalk, what about a storefront filled with Sex and the City wanna-bots drooling over cupcakes? The UWS community thinks that's just as bad, but it seems Magnolia Bakery will be allowed to keep its sidewalk cafe on Columbus and 69th Street anyway.

According to West Side Independent, Councilwoman Gale Brewer has been fighting for the sweets shop, while Community Board 7 has rallied against it's sidewalk cafe because it's "too wide... really hard to get by," and basically only houses long lines for the store. But if the line isn't contained in there, won't it just be crowding the sidewalk anyway?

The shop has Brewer's support, and the Department of Consumer Affairs has also approved their application to keep the extension.