A 46-year-old legal aid lawyer was arrested on Thursday after she allegedly robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Police say that Meighan McSherry, who lives on the Upper West Side, was at the aforementioned Wells Fargo on West Putnam Avenue on Thursday afternoon when she handed the bank teller a note demanding money and saying she was armed. The teller apparently handed her an undisclosed amount of cash and McSherry left, but she was stopped in her car by cops just a few minutes later.

McSherry was charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree larceny on Friday. Her attorney argued McSherry had no idea what happened on Thursday, had no memory of the events, and did not know how she ended up in Greenwich. She is being held in lieu of $250K bond.

The Daily News says McSherry used to work for the Bronx Legal Defenders, but took a leave-of-absence last year. The West 72nd Street co-op in which she lived had been trying to evict her twice this year, and neighbors told the tabloid she'd fallen on hard times. Cops are investigating whether McSherry was responsible for a similar attempted robbery at a Chase bank on 79th and Broadway this week—the NYPD released photos of a suspect that does look similar to McSherry.