So, you know how JFK Airport's Terminal 8 was partially evacuated for 1.5 hours while the authorities—complete with the bomb squad and K9 dogs—investigated a bag left in a lounge? A bag left by a passenger who was found on a flight to San Francisco? Well, according to the Post, the passenger was an Upper West Side lawyer who made the "bonehead decision to trash his computer bag."

Apparently he left an empty laptop bag on the floor, and someone alerted authorities. To complicate matters, the Post reports, "Then a Port Authority bomb-sniffing dog brought in to examine the bag 'sat' on it, indicating it might contain explosives, sources said." But it turned out the bag, which was nearly empty with only papers, was actually harmless.

The Wall Street Journal says the passenger, who had no other luggage with him and had purchased a one-way ticket, may have forgotten the bag.