New Yorkers, fed up with drivers zipping up and down Broadway at breakneck speeds, have demanded a gentler, calmer Upper West Side, and one politician is more than happy to oblige. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has proposed placing speed bumps, or new signage, at the Amsterdam-Broadway "bow tie" (the intersection where Amsterdam crosses over the north and southbound lanes of Broadway on 71st Street—the one where a taxi cab drove into a subway station) to slow traffic down, reports WCBS 2.

The area is considered by some to be the epicenter of a pedestrian nightmare. "You never know when to cross because there's cars coming from three different directions," Betsy Alpert told WCBS 2. "So you kinda like wait for the light to say walk and then run!"

But not everyone feels empathy for amblers and bicyclists. One woman sniffed, "Making it safer for them? They're already supposed to know what they can do and what they can't do. A lot of times when a cyclist gets hit it's his own fault."