2007_08_copslogo.JPGIn the crazy world of muggings, one 54-year-old victim got even with her mugger. The Post reported that Silva Natividad, a former model, beat her attacker "senseless".

Natividad was on First Avenue near 38th Street when Jonathan Burkes grabbed her money. Then, because she was "pissed," she went after him in this manner: "you know how in 'COPS,' when they jump on the person before they run away? That's what I did."

The two traded punches, even after Natividad retrieved her money, she kept hitting him. Then Burkes got free and ran away, only for Natividad to chase him down. She called 911, saying, "if you don't come and get this guy I'm going to kill him." The police told the Post that their arrival "saved" Burkes, who was charged with robbery.