Within the Taxi and Limousine Commissions's ambitious plans to bring technology to cabs might be a future where you can use Metrocards to pay your taxi fare. Sorta way: The NY Post reports that Cubic, a California-based company whose smart card technology NYC uses for Metrocards (San Francisco, Chicago, and DC use their technology too), has been looking into the possibility of new payment options, along with other possible vendors. The idea of a stored value card is one that Gothamist loves, although the current Metrocard material is too flimsy to hold up to it. However, as the MTA has debated Smart Cards to little avail, we think it's just cute that the TLC is even considering it. The TLC Chairman Matthew Daus doesn't want people to get their hopes up, either, as he emphasizes it's more important to put credit and debit payments options in place first - though they will consider plans that might offer a swipe system. What Gothamist would like to do next is figure out how to split cabs with people when you're all vying for the same one on those rain-flooded-subway work mornings.

And who new that Cubic also does defense applications, like "electronic warfare systems"?