The owner of a Papa John's in Norwalk, CT uploaded footage of a delivery car being robbed of a GPS system and an iPod to Youtube, hoping the community would be able to help identify the thief.

Co-owner John Koch explained that after he told customers and employees about the robbery--which took place in the parking lot (a man seems to case the parking lot and then grab the items from an unlocked Toyota RAV4)--many asked to see the video. Thus, Koch felt it was a natural for the Internet, "I've seen so many crazy things on YouTube, it falls right into the category - unusual." Here's the description posted by delivery man Zahir Uddin on Youtube:

Hi, I'm a delivery driver for Papa Johns Pizza in Norwalk, CT. Friday, April 18th, 2008 the person in red stole my TomTom GPS unit and my Apple iPod from my black SUV. I worked very hard for those items, and would like whomever stole them to return them. My manager is offering a REWARD (FREE PIZZA FOR A WEEK) for the safe return of the GPS unit & iPod. No questions asked. Thank you for everyone's help.

Uddin said

, "It's pretty bad. I lost $800, $900. Of course, I don't make that much money, so it's very hard for me."

The police told the Stamford Advocate if the Youtube video helps, great but the department "won't offer pizza, [but] we will give this individual a personalized arrest warrant."