It's been three months since the MTA and Mastercard unveiled the contactless payment system that is mostly along the Lexington Avenue line. The system has been in trial, and now they have unveiled the next part: The NYC Mobile Trial. If you have a Citbank Mastercard with Paypass - and a Cingular account - you may be able to sign up and use your cellphone to pay your fare.

Tap your NFC enabled mobile phone on the payment reader located on the front of the turnstiles. The contactless-enabled turnstiles will have a payment reader featuring the green subway trial symbol. These turnstiles also feature a “Turnstile. Turbostyle.” Label at about eye level and a subway trial symbol banner across the top of the turnstile.

You can sign up here.

Are any of our readers a part of the trial? Or have you seen people use the fob for contactless pay? We're curious about the success of this project, as many of our commenters believe that contactless pay - with or without Citibank-Mastercard - is where the MTA is going.