2005_04_manhmall.jpgYesterday, there was a pretty interesting story about how the City Commission on Human Rights now allows transgendered people to use whichever bathrooms they want to use. Some incidents where transgender women felt they were being discriminated against when using the bathrooms at the Manhattan Mall and another office building led to the new ruling, and the Post took the opportunity to accompany Semaj Bogan, who considers herself to be a woman (even though she was born a man), to the ladies' room at the Manhattan Mall to get some quality quotes, like "You don't belong in here!" and "Are you a lady?" Plus the same woman yelled "Pull down your pants. Let me see your penis!" outside the women's room. Please, it's the Manhattan Mall - Gothamist is so sure that a transgender woman is not the oddest thing to be in that bathroom. And other shoppers were actually very supportive of Bogan using the ladies' room. We're actually pretty impressed that the City Commission now has such a wide interpretation of the law. But to tell the truth, even though they don't identify themselves as men, tons of women bum rush men's rooms since the women's room at various concert halls, ballparks, and theaters are too crowded. In fact, Gothamist is more concerned about equalizing bathroom rights for men and women; we wonder what happened to the City Council's old proposal.

Reader Jason reminds us that World of Wonder wrote about Amanda Lepore getting kicked out of the Paladium bathroom last fall.