Pro tip: When binding a loved one with duct tape in a religious ceremony to cure them of their drug addiction and mental problems, be sure you don't fasten the tape too tightly, or it could cause complications. This lesson was learned the hard way by members of a Korean-American Christian cult when they allegedly tied up one Seungick Chung in their Flushing church last week. Myung Chung, 27, and her fiancé, Sung-Peel Youn, 39, believe their pastor is God, so maybe it was all part of God's plan for Myung Chung's brother to lose half a leg?

Turns out duct tape can't fix everything after all. Chung, Youn, and other church members allegedly taped Seungick Chung to a chair so tightly that it caused horrible damage. “They made it so tight — and all the time they were praying and singing," Youn's sister tells the Daily News. "They thought God would make him a regular person." Instead, his right leg became so swollen that when he finally went to a doctor at New York Hospital Queens they had to amputate his leg above the knee. His sister Myung and her fiancé were arrested on Friday and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment.