Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation announced a huge cost-cutting plan to switch out many DOT vehicles for Zipcars. During the one-year pilot program, 300 DOT employees will share 25 dedicated Zipcar vehicles, most of which are hybrids, for official business during the day. However, at night and on the weekends the cars are open to the general public.

The program could save the city $500,000 over four years, and if it's successful would be implemented in other departments for non-emergency, light-duty vehicles. Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement, "It’s another example of how we are constantly working on new ways to deliver better services at a lower cost to the taxpayer and to the environment." The cars, owned and maintained by Zipcar, will be kept at a garage in Lower Manhattan. After 6 p.m. and on weekends, the cars will be made available for use by anyone who is registered with Zipcar. Time for an Ikea trip!