We knew Jon Corzine was being immature and plain-old mean when he attacked opponent Chris Christie’s weight last year, but new research shows the jab was bad politics too. According to another “no fair” new study voters prefer their male politicians tubby, though they like their female ones slender. Results showed voters think heavy men are more reliable and sometimes more inspiring than their skinny counterparts.

In the study 120 volunteers were given descriptions of four fake politicians along with photos, then asked to rate them on honesty, ability to perform and other criteria. Researchers tallied up the results and found that the obese (not just fat!) men scored 6 percent better than their slim counterparts. The large women were out of luck though—they fared 10 percent worse than their male equivalents, reported the Daily News. "A candidate's physical appearance plays a greater role in evaluation than we have thought in the past," said Dr. Elizabeth Miller, a co-author of the study at the University of Missouri.

Some New Yorkers weren’t surprised by the results: When men "are portly or bigger or fatter, they may be associated with a ... grandfatherly image or a priestly image," said one writer from Washington Heights, but that doesn’t soften the blow for overweight females. Hell, with skinny ladies snapping up all the good jobs in politics, large women won’t be able to find husbands either.