The U.S. Open hasn't even started yet and already there is drama. Yesterday police arrested a 70-year-old professional tennis referee, Lois Ann "Lolo" Goodman, and charged her with murdering her 80-year-old husband in Los Angeles last April. The alleged murder weapon? A coffee cup.

On April 17, Goodman told authorities that her husband, Alan Frederick Goodman, had taken a fatal fall in their Woodland Hills home. However, "the story of him falling down the stairs, although it may have occurred, it didn’t fit the evidence at scene," according to the LAPD’s Dave Storaker. The reality appears to have been far gruesomer: "She bludgeoned him to death with a coffee mug," Jane Robison, a district attorney's spokeswoman in LA said.

According to Storaker it "was a suspicious death from the onset" and forensic evidence quickly began to back that up. Since April the LAPD has been collecting evidence, including searching the Goodmans' town house. Blood was reportedly found in the couple's bedroom, stairway and throughout their home. "There was an awful lot of blood," Storaker said. "It just didn’t match the fact that he had just fallen down the stairs."

Because Goodman travels frequently for her job, and often for long periods of time, the LAPD has had difficulty picking her up though. Until yesterday, that is. Police arrested Goodman Tuesday morning after she finished breakfast at the Midtown Sheraton. For her perp walk she wore the blue U.S. Open trainers jacket.

Goodman will now be going back to California for arraignment on murder charges (though that will take a few days). Detectives in Los Angeles said they think they have a motive for the murder, but they aren’t releasing the details.