Faced with a dreadful week of weather that has play a day behind schedule and on-and-off showers keeping some golfers on the greens for upwards of eleven hours yesterday, some local fans at Bethpage Black greeted US Open golfers in the fashion New Yorkers do best—by getting wasted and heckling them. Newsday reports that Tiger Woods may have gotten the worst of it. Among the "You suck!" and "This Bud's for you!" callouts, one fan got in, "Suck it up, you've got your own video game!" The paper says that Tiger "tried to quiet the crowd with a 'sshh' hand gesture." The fans' response: "We're on Long Island, baby, where men are men! Put that umbrella down!" Other fans, lacking in that level of chutzpah and cleverness, simply stuck to targeting golfer Fred Funk by "shouting his last name as an obscenity." The boo birds and delays didn't seem to faze leader Ricky Barnes, who set an Open record by going eight under after 36 holes. He said, "Nothing you can do. It's kind of like being stuck in an airport and they won't refund you." For more, check out Newsday's U.S. Open blog.