Guess Ruth Madoff is on the streets—the U.S. Marshals have seized her and her husband's East 64th Street penthouse apartment. The AP reports, "U.S. Marshal Joseph Guccione said Thursday that the marshals were at the property pursuant to a court order." Newsday explains that Ruth Madoff gets $2.5 million as soon as she vacates the Upper East Side duplex, which is worth $7 million, so maybe that's why the seizure happened so soon after her agreement giving up her three homes last week. However, it's been tough for her to find an apartment—apparently landlords aren't interested in having such a notorious tenant. Update: The U.S. Marshals say that they arrived at noon and that Ruth Madoff left all personal property, "We have possession of their furniture and everything in it." Her lawyer said, "Ruth moved out voluntarily pursuant to prior agreements we had reached with the government," but did not offer Madoff's forwarding address.