2008_12_patfitz.jpgWe learn more today about Flatbush-born, "Blago-destroyer" US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. As a leader in going after terrorists since the 1993 WTC attack, he apparently can still recite from memory Osama Bin Laden's 1000-word fatwa declaring war against the US in 1998. Yet another colleague mentions, "He is a disorganized genius—if he didn't remember where things were, no one would ever find it in his office." And did you know that the Regis High School grad was one of People's "sexiest men alive" in 2005? As for his future following the traditional resignation of all US Attorneys at an administration change, Senator Schumer has strongly encouraged new Attorney General Eric Holder that Fitzgerald remain at his post. Schumer said, "(Fitzgerald) has a deserved reputation of being totally non-political and totally on the merits and a tough and strong prosecutor, and I think leaving it in his hands is exactly the right way to go."