We've heard plenty of stories of flights being delayed or grounded due to sarcastic sneezing passengers, female-fearing orthodox Jews, and disruptive pot-bellied pigs—but this is first we've heard of a plane being forced to land due to an outbreak of vomiting. Call it the Royal Caribbean Puke 'n Poop Cruise in the sky.

Sixteen people aboard US Airways Flight US 797—including the 4 pilots, 10 other crew members and two passengers—all became sick after a "strange odor" worked its way through the plane. Apparently, nauseated people started puking in the aisles.

An AFP agency report says the crew and passengers were suffering from red eyes and nausea. The flight, which was headed from Israel to Philadelphia, was forced to make an "unscheduled landing" in Rome on Friday evening. NBC reports that at least three flight attendants were rushed to a local clinic by ambulance, while the others were all treated then released. The other 127 passengers were all "re-accommodated on other flights."

It's unknown where the smell came from, nor what it could have been. We have some suspects though: