Now that Catwoman has been apprehended by authorities, the US Airforce has decided to join forces with her greatest enemy, the Dark Knight. The US Airforce has started a new program with the name BATMAN: Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge. And it was inspired by all of Bruce Wayne's cool gear: "[Batman's] devices allow him to have an advantage. That is what we're trying to do," said BATMAN program engineer Reggie Daniels.

The idea is to make soldiers lighter, smarter and deadlier by carrying less weight on them. Among the gear BATMAN is developing are chest mounted computers and speech recognition software, as well as batteries that get lighter as they're used. And there's also the "Bat Hook," the nickname used for the Remote Auxiliary Power System. According to Daniels, this was the idea that he sold to the Air Force: "You know what would be really cool? Something like what Batman has on his belt that he can take out and wing it up to a power line and get power."

How long will it be till we have costumed heroes battling in Times Square?